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Every year we take part in Takeover Day

What is Takeover Day?

Takeover day is when all the pupils in year 6 takeover the school.They write a letter and a CV about which job they want, for example if a person would like to be headteacher they would write about their skills and whether they have the courage to do it. They also learn about what it's like to apply for a job in the real world.

Children get to be caretakers, cooks and even the headteacher for a whole day!

by Hannah Ahmed (headteacher) and Summar Khurshid (Co headteacher)

Why do we do it?

One of our key drivers is to raise the aspirations of all our pupils. It is vital that they see their place in the world and how they can have a positive impact on society and the people around them. 

We encourage them to apply for jobs and carry out a full day's work. We know that during this special day, they use and develop a range of attitudes and skills that expose their potentisal for the future.


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