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Home Learning at Brudenell Primary School during the COVID 19 lock down period

To all our families,

We hope you are continuing to be well and staying safe.

As you know, from Monday 1st June, the government has made the announcement to begin opening school to specific year groups - Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

So far we have had a small number of children attending in each of those year groups and they are working in small class bubbles with specific staff and children who are not mixing or socialising with other bubbles at all in order to reduce transmission of COVID 19.  There has been regular handwashing and lessons on social distancing to support everyone to understand how to protect themselves and each other.  Cleaning routines have been increased and equipment used has been reduced; children have been given their own equipment and do not share and  either given to each child or sterilised at the end of every day.

For those year groups not yet attending (Year 2, 3, 4 and 5) and for those children who are not attending in the designated year groups, home learning will continue and accessed through the website on this page.  Unfortunately due to the strict protocols needed at this moment to reduce transmission within school, the parent walk throughs will no longer continue.

Some parents have chosen not to send their children to school at this time and we totally respect their decision.  There has been clear guidance from the government that parents will not be fined for not sending their children to school at this current time.

For those parents and children who are attending now, we would ask that you come to school at the times allocated in your email and if you are unsure please check

Nursery - 9.00am at Welton Place entrance - collect at Welton Place at 3.00pm

Reception - 9.30-10.00am at Welton Place - collect at 2.45 - 3.00pm

Year 1 - 9.00- 9.30am at Welton Place - collect from 3.00-3.15pm

Key Worker Group - 9.00 - 9.15 am at Welton Place - collect at 3pm

Year 6 - 9.00 - 9.30 am at School View - collect at 3pm

Parents are asked to wait outside the gate at drop off, to follow social distancing protocols and use the marked areas at pick up times.  Please do not come into school.

If you have any questions or would like to start bringing your child back to school (only in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 currently) please ring the school office on 0113 2785168 or email office@brudenellschool.co.uk  to discuss dates and times.


Thank you and take care

Mrs Harland


Useful websites

Every child in school can access the DB website from home using their own log on details and there are always activities and homework tasks they can complete.


Daily interactive lessons are being provide by BBC at:


Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars are a regular resource used in school which children can still access while at home - they have their lown og ons



Holy Cross Federation - EYFS/KS1 - Learning ZoneSpelling Shed - Posts | Facebook

Times Tables Rock Stars: Play

It is lovely to see how hard you are working at home and on this page and twitter we will show examples of your efforts.

How to support your children reading at home - Reading for Pleasure with The Open University

Supporting Readers at Home

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Time Capsule COVID 19 Task

You are living through history right now!  The world has never experienced a pandemic of this nature and a great task would be to capture the moment now  in a time capsule; to look back on when life returns back to normal and when you get older.  The document below offers a range of activities to support you in this activity but you might want to creat eyour own ideas which is absolutely fine too.

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