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Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2 (LKS2)

In LKS2 we teach each child as a whole, individual learner. We provide activities and experiences to support all learning styles and motivate children to explore unfamiliar and different ways of learning. In Red base children are constantly encouraged to challenge themselves in their learning, skills and thinking. We are successfully integrating growth mindset which enables children to broaden the expectations of themselves, alongside mindfulness which focusses on developing self awareness of themselves as learners.

There are three classes in Red Base:

RG - Mrs Giles - Year 3/4 children     

RJ - Mr Jones - Year 3/4 children 

RA- Mrs Acton - Year3/4 children                  All classes work on the same curriculum.

Children are inspired to become motivated, confident and independent learners through a series of topic based units which engage the children in a series of exciting and stimulating learning opportunities. All children are encouraged to ask questions and challenge themselves in their learning and further deepen their thinking. Staff respond to the interests of children by planning activities to inspire curiosity and support them in developing their attitudes, skills and knowledge. Homework using Reading and Maths journals and Learning logs embed skills developed and provide an opportunity for children to explore and practise research techniques.

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