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The Lantern Learning Trust AGM will be held at Brudenell at 5pm on Thurday 21st March 2024


Welcome to our school website

Our website will give you an insight into the work of our school. We hope that you will visit us to experience for yourself the happy, caring and inspiring atmosphere. You will always be most warmly welcomed. 

The teachers continually strive to create opportunities which promote confidence and independence. As a school we all believe that each individual has their own skills and talents and we strive to develop and celebrate these whenever possible.

Brudenell Primary School prides itself on its inclusive learning community, where children from the North West SILC(specialist inclusion learning centre) learn with children from the mainstream school.

We also recognise the importance of working alongside parents and carers and realise that by working together we build a partnership to benefit the children. Parents are always welcome at our Friday celebration assemblies and we would love you to join us. As a school we work with many agencies and projects to develop parental support of learning.

Staff and Governors work hand in hand to ensure that the educational opportunities of all children are protected and enhanced so that every child reaches their full potential. If you have any issues that you would like to discuss with the governors, you can contact your parent representatives at the school.

On the first training day of each school year all staff are involved in our annual visioning session, where together we discuss the successes of the previous year and plan the School development Plan for the forthcoming year.

Our key areas for development for 2023 - 2024 are;

Improving standards 


  • To ensure children in the lowest 20% and more-able learners are enabled to make good progress.
  • Ensure the English curriculum enables all pupils to make good progress in phonics, reading, writing and oracy.
  • To expand the use of coaching 4 Learning in school to support self-regulation of behaviour for all stakeholders.

Inspiring Learning 


  • Develop and monitor the practical exploration of all subjects to ensure engagement.
  • Staff act as role models for learning in the use of research for pedagogic enhancement.
  • Develop effective character education and growth through involving children and staff in all aspects of the school. Involving Others 


If you would like to discuss anything further or visit the school to see for yourself all the wonderful work we do, please contact the school office for an appointment.

Mrs Jill Harland


This Summer Hols, at venues across Leeds, comes BREEZE in the Park

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