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Promoting Positive Behaviour at Brudenell

At Brudenell Primary School we aim to provide an atmosphere which gives positive messages about our expectations, attitudes and values in order to establish and maintain high standards of behaviour. Our aim is to create a happy, working environment where children feel safe and able to succeed in their work and play at school.

Our School Rules Relating to Behaviour

  • We look after our school and everyone in it.
  • We keep our hands and feet under control so no one gets hurt.
  • We will speak politely and respectfully so none of our comments hurt others.
  • We will walk sensibly and quietly around school.
  • We listen to instructions and do as we are asked the first time.
  • We always try our best.

Class Attitudes

Alongside the whole school rules, classes develop a set of class values identifying the attitudes and skills needed to maximise the learning in that particular class.  Children then feel ownership of those values and work harder to make the class successful.

Good to Be Green Behaviour System

All classes use the Good to be Green Behaviour chart which uses a colour coded card system to record behaviour.  Most children will remain on green but we use yellow and red cards, similar to football referees to warn and sanction children. The children  earn GTBG (Good to be Green) stamps for every week they stay on green in class and at lunchtime.  These stamps are then exchanged for 'gifts' in the 'Good to Be Green' giftshop.  If they remain on green for the whole half term,  they are rewarded with a special treat, such as an Easter Egg Hunt, cinema and popcorn or a visit to the park.

Documents and Policies to Promote Positive Behaviour

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