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Parents and School working together

We run a workshop for parents every week from 9am on a Wednesday morning in our training room. Please join us by signing in at the main office.

Each week we have a different focus of our parent workshop. Below are some useful resources that we used in our sessions.

How to help your child with their learning Logs

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Parents in School

We believe a partnership between parents and teachers helps children to learn at school. We know that parents’ interest in their child’s educational helps them achieve their potential. We encourage parents to come into school in a variety of ways:

Assemblies: parents are invited to join us for our very special assemblies that celebrate all our festivals throughout the year and celebration assemblies. There are also opportunities to share other special occasions, where the children will show work done on a theme or topic, such as Health Week, Failure Week and there are concerts and celebration afternoons where the children are proud to demonstrate their skills. Parents are invited throughout the year to share a school dinner. These have become popular occasions and part of the ethos of the school. There is great competition for the tickets for these ‘celebratory meals’ and the healthy food is highly commended.



Helping Parents find employment

We are located near a jobcentre, who are keen to help local people find work to support their families. If you are interested please contact them using this website.


Helping at Home

Homework: we ask you to listen to your child read daily at home and ensure that they complete the homework set by the class teacher. Homework Guidelines give tips on how to make homework enjoyable. Every child has a home/school reading diary where the parents can write comments on progress.

Children from Year 3 upwards have a Basic Skills Numeracy and a Basic Skills Literacy Dictionary. Children will write definitions in these books and they are intended to enable parents to understand what the children are learning and how they learn these skills in school today. Year 5 and 6 use homework diaries which invite parental comment.

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Family Learning

Family Learning: takes place in Nursery and Reception on a regular basis. Parents are invited to share in the early stages of their children’s literacy development. At the same time the parents develop their own skills and can work towards gaining accreditation. Park Lane College provide the tutors and a crèche and great fun is had by all.



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