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Developing the Whole Child

Much of what drives us as a school is to develop each individual into a spiritually and morally more developed individual, who will have a positive contribution to make to our community, now and in the future.

The current government offers guidance and suggests that schools should be "Promoting British values."  Brudenell is very proud of all that it does to encourage ALL pupils, regardless of race, ethnicity and background to become a better human being.

On a visit to our school and on talking to our children we are confident that you will see evidence of children already well equipped socially, morally and spiritually.

Philosophy for Children is a great mechanism for developing growth mindsets and thus self esteem and confidence. Regular celebration assemblies recognise those children who have shown the right attitudes or skills to enhance or promote their learning behaviours.



Our Good to be Green behaviour system allows the children to reflect on their own behaviour and to have a say in the expectations of each class .

Our assemblies are focused on making ourselves better people whether this is through a resolution approach to change or dealing with difficult situations.

The key drivers for the school continue to focus our aspirations for this community;

  1. Creativity
  2. Community
  3. Identity
  4. Aspiration

Children in every class are elected to become school Champions. They meet regulalry, shares decisions with their peers and are focused in keeping us working on importants. We have champions for 

  • Eco
  • Aspirations
  • Identity
  • Community and 
  • Creativity.

Every academic year we develop partnerships with a local charity and raise money for their cause. This year we have raised hundresd of pounds for Macmillan and St Gemmas Hospice in memory of Joanne Oztoygan, a wonderful member of our Nursery staff who sadly died in the Summer of 2013.

We are a school that has many different nationalaties, languages and religions. All children are welcomed form a wide range of backgrounds. We value everyone's beliefs and are committed to ensuring that they feel valued. 

We are working on developing mindfulness across the school and it is proving extremely beneficial in centering pupil's minds on being calm and focused on their own thoughts and emotions.

The children work together in many different groupings including FAB groups, mainstream alongside specialist provision and within all classes.

Our recently redesigned curriculum has changed the subject content and has included a 2 week local study for all age groups. Our planning is often responsive to the needs and requests of the children and develops a positive approach to learning.

Through the Arooj project, our school works with others across Leeds who have the highest percentage of Pakistani pupils to address and develop high aspirations. Children listen to established authors and artists from a similar background and hear their stories, which then act as a stimulus for an academic writing competition.

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