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Art Curriculum

Our Art Intention

Through teaching and learning in art at Brudenell we aim to foster creativity in all pupils by providing them with a range of opportunities to express themselves. Through exploration of artists and styles and the development of skills in using a range of techniques, media and tools, children will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to help them to create. Over their time at Brudenell, we aim for pupils to develop their control, confidence and skills over a range of tools, media, materials and techniques.

In sketchbooks, children will have ownership over their art work and creative pursuits by being able explore the artist or style in their own way and to create their own opinion and ideas of what the art means to them. Although feedback is an extremely important part of art when learning how to use a material, method or technique, we ensure that the pupils receive only positive feedback on their final piece. This is because, art is subjective and personal to its creator and we aim to let children’s creativity drive them.

Our Art Implementation

Art topics are linked to the over-arching History or Geography topic being studied during each term with the skills required progressing as they move through school. In each art topic, pupils will work with different media, techniques, tools, styles and skills in order to create their work. Over each year, pupils will revisit key skills such as drawing and painting as well as being introduced to, and explicitly taught new techniques as they move through school. In each school year, there is an equal balance between skill development where pupils may work towards the same final piece and exploring art and design where children may use an initial stimulus to create their own final piece. This is where the children’s creativity and individual experiences and ideas are driving the art they produce.

Children learn through a range of different methods including:

· Researching artists and movements

· Visiting museums and galleries

· Exploring the work of artists – discussing and unpicking, making studies and sketches, colour palette etc,

· Planning and designing pieces

· Specific skills and techniques being modelled – e.g. how to use a particular material or tool

· Step by step instructions (e.g. when focusing on drawing proportion, methods and techniques)

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