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Growth Mindsets


Our Story so far.....

After working on developing P4C in our school, we have realised that developing growth mindsets in all our staff and children is the key to creating happy, successful individuals. 

As a school we have been trained by International speakers, including Carol Dweck, James Nottingham and Will Ord. 

What is a growth mindset?

Some people believe their success is based on a given  ability; these are said to have a "fixed" theory of intelligence (fixed mindset). Others, who believe their success is based on hard work, learning, training and doggedness are said to have a "growth" or an "incremental" theory of intelligence (growth mindset). At Brudenell we strive to offer challenge , praise effort and recognise success in many forms so that we can encourage a growth mindset



In Failure week we learn about the power of never giving up!


By giving the children challenges we hope that they will end up in the 'Pit of Learning'.

By this we mean that they will struggle and therefore develop the attitudes needed to find solutions, persevere and hopefully develop the characteristics of effective learning. 

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