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Welcome to Phase 3 - Year 4, 5 and 6

We have had the opportunity to deliver new topics in Phase 3 that are in our Curriculum 3 yeare plan. The children have been very excited about new topics such as The Rainforest, The Vikings and The Anglo Saxons as well as our familiar favourites of Ancient Egypt  and World War Two. As part of every topic we aim to take our children on at least one educational visit to enhance their learning and to provide them with exciting experiences.  These have included:

  • Yorkshire Museum in York to take part in an Anglo Saxon workshop and see some real life artefacts.
  • Temple Newsam
  • Armley Mills - WW2 evacuation
  • Eden Camp - WW2 museum
  • Malham river study
  • Roundhay Tropical Gardens

Phase 3

In Phase 3 there are 4 classes:

  • Silver Birch - Year 4 - Miss Hargreaves
  • Sycamore - Year 4/5  - Ms Hart
  • Chestnut - Year 5/6 - Mr Nutman
  • Oak - Year 6 - Mr Harland

We aim to encourage and inspire our children to become independent, enthusiastic and motivated learners. We do this through a range of exciting activities based on a termly topic which provides our children with a variety of learning experiences which build on existing skills as well as nurturing the development of new skills and knowledge by exciting their curiosity and creating a real enjoyment of learning.

In Phase 3 our children are encouraged to challenge themselves and embrace challenge as an integral part of the learning process. Our children know that struggling means that they are learning and we have worked hard to develop their resilience and perseverance when faced with challenge. Our work during ‘Failure Week’ allowed the children to experience the thrill of success after failure and encouraged them to develop the attitudes and skills necessary to see challenge as a positive experience. Being wrong is okay! During this week, our year 6 children take part in a takeover day where they take over the roles of many of the staff in school to provide them with some knowledge of working life and to encourage their aspirations.

Learning Experiences

The children in Phase 3 gain some wonderful experiences during their time with us. In Year 6, the children go on a residential trip to Lineham Farm which is such an exciting time for them, they take part in a range of activities such as wall climbing, mountain biking and animal care. They also get to spend some time in the woods finding out about wildlife, going on night time walks and roasting marshmallows on a camp fire. In Year 5, the children also spend some time in the woods, although a little closer to home! Every child in year 5 takes part in Forest Schools where they spend half a day for 6 weeks at a local wooded area where they learn about the natural environment and the world we live in. Through forest schools the children learn to solve problems through a range of practical activities and often discover new strengths and abilities. In Phase 3 there are also a range of competitions for the children to enter such as art and football competitions within our Trust, Top Trumps tournaments, and the Arooj Project. We also provide a drama club and football club for our pupils.

Year 6 SATs

At the end of Year 6 the children take a national SATs test. These are both an assessment and celebration of the children’s learning during their time at Brudenell. Over their in Phase 3 we continually assess childrens learning informally in order to plan for new learning opportunities and to know how best to nurture and support each individual child in reaching their full potential.

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