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 Place2Be  have launched a new parent resource that may be of interest to you: After piloting with parents and carers in their partner schools, they have launched Parenting Smart for all UK parents and carers of 4-11 year olds. The Parenting Smart site is completely free to use and access, full of tips and advice on a range of topics including transition to secondary school, meltdowns, and sleep difficulties. Visit their full site for the latest resources.https://parentingsmart.place2be.org.uk/

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Places that can also help

Mental Health Support for Children and Young people  - Mindmate


Kooth online counselling  - an emotional wellbeing service Kooth online counselling is a free, safe and anonymous service for 10–18-year-olds where young people can chat 1-2-1 with counsellors, access selfhelp articles 24/7 and connect with peers through live moderated forums. http://www.kooth.com


Activity .1. Try doing a 'Wheel of Life'

  1. Give each segment an aspect of life - we use Friends, home, health, school, family, future, self confidence and fun.
  2. Choose a segment and decide how happy with that aspect of your life you are
  3. Colour in to the level e.g 0 -it's terrble to 10 the best it could be
  4. Repeat for each segment
  5. Now look at at each segment - write at outer part of each segment what is stopping it from being a 10
  6. Repeat for each segment
  7. Now look at what" I can do to make it a 10? "
  8. Reflect and discuss
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