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The Importance of Attendance

Good timekeeping and attendance are stepping stones towards a child's learning and contributes massively to them achieving their full potential.  They are life skills that they need to learn in preapration for being an adult e.g. being punctual when you have a job and attending appointments and meetings on time.

Lateness can be unsettling for your child and disruptive for the rest of the class who have arrived, on time, to learn.

Below is a table that demonstrates the impact of having time off school regularly and how quickly attendance can drop below the the required 96.5%.

attendancemap[1](3)Attendance Summary 1Attendance Summary 2

Holidays in Term Time

As a school we are no longer allowed to authorise holidays in term time. The Government has stated that the 13 weeks holidays during the year should be enough time for children to be absent from school. Any parent wishing to remove their child from school during term time MUST arrange a meeting with the headteacher and complete the following forms.

Changing Schools

We would urge you not to move your children mid year as this can be very unsettling for them. If you do need to change schools, you must complete an In Year Common Preference Form which is attached below. We would always urge you to talk to us first so that we can support you at this time.

This weeks winning class for attendance is...

Week ending 13th October - Chestnut Class



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