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Design and Technology Curriculum

Our D.T Intent


We aim to provide children with opportunities to be creative and critical thinkers through providing interesting and appropriate DT projects which challenge, motivate and engage them in a range of different ways. We aim for them to leave school as evaluators and questioners of the world around them and the ability to solve problems creatively. In later life and in any area of work or study, we hope that Brudenell pupils will have a life-long interest in how the world works and to question and challenge themselves and others. Through making products and food we hope that the skills and knowledge gained here will be of use in their daily life whether it is cooking healthy and nutritious meals safely for their family, working as an engineer, building rockets, product design or even changing a light bulb!

Our D.T Implementation

DT projects are linked to the over-arching history and geography topics of each term where a product based on the whole or part of the topic learning is selected, designed, made and evaluated by the pupild.

Within a DT unit of work, pupils will begin by exploring and evaluating existing products and develop an understanding of what they are made up of and how they work. Children will then design and plan their own product using research and existing knowledge of the product type whilst being guided through the design process by quality teaching. This may involve: teaching how to fit parts together, how to measure accurately, how to use a specific tool their design requires or how to make a circuit. Throughout designing and making, children should be given a range of opportunities to evaluate and reflect on their work, product or cooking and suggest and make improvements.

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