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Science Curriculum

Our Intention

Science has always been an ‘awe and wonder’ subject – especially at primary level. Our aim is for Brudenell pupils to be confident scientists with the ability to: demonstrate curiosity, raise questions, hypothesise, investigate and present their findings. In addition, Brudenell attempts to portray science as an inclusive subject where all pupils can contribute, learn and reach their potential.

Our Implementation

Science is taught once a week as an explicit lesson, however, many aspects of the science are included in other subjects. Although scientific knowledge is required to be taught within lessons, our focus on working scientifically enables pupils to plan, perform and evaluate fair investigations, how to use equipment correctly and comment on the work of themselves or others.

  1. Teachers currently use ‘Snap’ science planning for their lessons. These plans include: National Curriculum links, Working Scientifically objectives and Success Criteria. Each includes differentiated activities in the form of three challenges, the vocabulary used within the lesson and the resources needed. 
  2. The profile of the subject has been raised and our teaching has complete coverage of the curriculum and includes as much practical work as possible. Focus on Science capital attempts to address the stereotypical perceptions within pupils and families.   
  3. Cross-curricular links are made where possible, however, it was agreed that where science struggled to ‘fit’ the topic it should stand alone. 
  4. SEND benefit from the differentiation included within each lesson. Floor books have aided the recording of work – that often is done using photographs and noting children’s comments.


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