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School Lunches

All Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils (year's 1 and 2) are eligible for a universal free school meal.

In Key Stage 2 School Lunch costs £2.50 per day which is £12.50 per week.  This must be paid for online using the Parent Pay (eduspot.co.uk)

We offer four choices: Halal, Non-Halal and vegetarian with an additional sandwich option. We also use the band system where children select their choice at the beginning of the day.  This ensures they get the meal of their choice and that there is less waste in the kitchen.  This is the colour band system:

Blue band - Halal meat choice

Red band - Non-Halal meat choice

Green band - Vegetarian choice

Yellow band - Sandwich choice

The menu changes each term, please see below a copy of the Autumn Term Menu

Take a look at the daily options on our 3 week menu

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