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How we learn

In the Foundation Stage at Brudenell we believe in developing the 'whole' child through exploration, engagement and participation. Children are encouraged to use the characterisitics of learning to help guide them through their learning experiences. The children use a growth mindset to journey through the three prime areas and the four specific areas of learning.

Outdoor Provision

We love being outdoors and make sure that we take every oppourtunity to explore our outdoor area. We benefit from an extensive range of outdoor provision areas including: rope swings, a mud kitchen, construction area, bug hotel, physical play area, a teepee, scrimbling resources, water play, sand play and a minibeast investigation point. We have Forest School trained staff who plan and deliver an exciting range of outdoor activities.

Physical Development

As well as engaging in gross and fine motor activities such as threading, scrimbling and finger gym, we have recently developed a 'Movement Play' area to help with body control and pre-writing development. The children have one P.E time slot a week as well as continuous access to physical development provision both inside and out. 


We believe that talking plays a fundamental role in developing writing. The children are encouaged to use a POSH voice (speaking in a clear voice and using full sentnences) and have daily talk time sessions. We use Pie Corbett 'Talk 4 Writing' techniques to help us to re-tell and sequence stories before writing our own. Mark making resources are available in all areas of provision and the children explore writing with various materials including chalk, paint, pens, pencils, crayons and even mud!


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Understanding the World

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Expressive Arts & Design

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