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Music Curriculum

Music Intent

The music curriculum is designed to inspire and encourage pupils to develop a love of music, self-confidence, creativity and to explore and improve their own talents. Singing is encouraged for celebrations and festivals and sometimes just for fun! Music is linked to topics where possible and is another opportunity to learn about another country, culture or historic event.

Music Implementation

Music begins in Nursery and Reception with opportunities to experiment with voices and a variety of instruments. Children learn the basic skills in call and response to develop following patterns and rhythms.

In Key Stage 1, this is developed further with Body Percussion and Djembe drumming. Pupils are encouraged to sing, rhyme and chant expressively and begin to recognise musical notations, pitch and tone to develop their musical vocabulary.

In Key Stage 2, pupils further develop their skills in singing and percussion and have the experience of Ukulele lessons, which are taught by an outside provider. Pupils are encouraged to play solo and ensemble pieces and to improvise and create their own compositions. Exposure to a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions, great composers and musicians, encourages an appreciation and understanding of the history of music.

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